Your growth marketing Team

Growth marketing is a new approach to data-driven market expansion and customer acquisition. It is a rigorous and methodical process of designing, creating and optimizing growth funnels that combines both sales and marketing to build, grow and retain companies' customers base.

More importantly, the growth marketing method collects, stores, and analyzes vast amounts of user data, and tracks it in real time. Such ability allows clients to experiment with new features, messaging, branding, and other marketing efforts at much lower cost, higher speed, better precision and greater ROI.

This approach is powerful and cost effective. It is the engine that drove the phenomenal success of the Silicon Valley powerhouses and unicorns such as Facebook, Uber, Dropbox, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

At Ysquared, we are your growth team to design, build, and optimize scalable solution to accelerate your user base and product adoption.

Grow your brand

Customer Profiling

Industry Competition

Value Creation

Product-market Fit

Product Launch

Pricing Strategy

Social Media


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Distribution Channels



Content Marketing

Social Retargeting

Search Engine Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization


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Email Marketing

Transaction Optimization

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CMO as a service

Our CMO as A Service is a part-time executive addition to your staff, bringing a market-based perspective to your growth strategy and implementation. We helps business to grow with a data and process driven marketing approach. We provide effective marketing strategy and execution to gain traction in customer acquisition, conversion and retention, and to accelerate the key performance metrics to meet your business goals. We have a proven track record of scaling businesses from pre-launch to a successful exit.