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Your Growth Marketing Team

Strategize + Develop + Execute + Optimize + Scale


Your Growth Marketing Team

Strategize + Develop + Execute + Optimize + Scale


marketing Means Growth

At Ysquared, growth marketing is a holistic approach to data-driven market expansion and customer acquisition. It is a rigorous and methodical process of designing, creating and optimizing growth funnels that combines both sales and marketing to build, grow and retain companies' customers base.

Based in San Francisco, with operations in Melbourne and Shanghai,  Ysquared.in offers end-to-end services dedicated to helping innovative companies have a real impact and meet their potential through strategic and tactical growth marketing solutions.

Earning over 10 years of success in Silicon Valley, we have developed a proven growth framework through helping companies from startups, to high growth companies, and to established enterprises.  

We are not consultants; we are your growth marketing team. We grow your brand, your user base, and your customer retention lifetime value (LTV) for your business and venture.

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Growth marketing as a Service

Growth marketing as a Service

We specialize Growth Marketing as A Service from CMO level strategy to expert end-to-end execution. We bring a wealth of Silicon Valley experience with data and process driven approach to deliver maximum business performance and social impact.


Grow your brand

Customer Profiling

Industry Competition

Value Creation

Product-market Fit

Product Launch

Pricing Strategy

Social Media

Grow your Customer

Distribution Channels



Content Marketing

Social Retargeting

Search Engine Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization

grow your lTV



Email Marketing

Transaction Optimization

Loyalty Program

Affiliate program


Less marketing fluff, more business results.



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Get a Free Growth Audit

Contact us for a free growth audit.


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Client Testimonials

Anna is driven to succeed and her motivation in life gets her deeply involved. A savvy marketing entrepreneur, Anna has helped SilkRoll to gain substantial traction and growth for our fashion e-commerce startup. Her desire to follow everything latest has given her the ability to always stay on top of affairs, and using that to generate ideas for the next project. Anna is organized, tireless, helpful and always carries deep responsibility for everything she’s involved with.
— Janet Wu | Founder & CEO at SilkRoll.com
Anna is known for her in-depth understanding of the markets. Having worked with Anna, I admire her focus and detail-oriented nature that makes her an exceptional product marketing and analyst. In addition to her great sense of focus, Anna also displayed excellent deductive reasoning, an open mind to innovation, and passion in integrating science with the art of marketing.
— Adib Behjat | Data Analyst @ Apple
Anna Yuan is a powerhouse. She is smart, creative, energetic, and pleasant to work with. I worked with her on market analysis, marketing strategy, generation of marketing collateral, trade show preparation, customer engagement, and probably much more that I can’t remember right now.

Anna never missed a deadline. She was usually early. Her work was top-of-the-line. I’m a perfectionist and if ever see a problem I demand that it be fixed. I never had to ask for any changes to anything Anna did.

She’s also a skilled researcher. She can find whatever kind of data you might be looking for, and can do the analysis before you finish your coffee. And when she visits customer, she is always utterly professional and sharply analytical. I would love to have the opportunity to work with Anna Yuan again.
— Brian Reid | Director of Operations at ISC
Anna helped the marketing team when we were making some major changes to product packaging, pricing, and business models. She is a naturally curious person and learns things quickly. She was in an environment where the engineers were extremely technical and did not trust the marketing group or marketing people. Anna proved to be deeply technical as a marketing manager and won many of them over. She has a pleasant personality and delivered her projects on time, including launching many marketing campaigns that produced a significant increase in leads. I would like her on my team in the future.
— Kannan Ayyar | CEO at Chat Center | Entrepreneur and Investor